Pre-Course Information

Aquajet Training services normally perform the training at your premises subject to suitability. (see below) Alternatively we may be able to provide training sites (subject to availability).

We bring our own presentation equipment including projector screen. We require a room containing sufficient chairs and tables to sit the trainees safely(not exceeding 15) and where it complies with the Workplace Health, Safety & Welfare Regulations 1992, Disability Discrimination Act and any other legislation covering working conditions for employees and visitors. In addition any special learning needs should be given to the instructor prior to the course date and all candidates must have a basic understanding of the English language.

Trainees must bring their (if applicable) valid WJA registration card or valid WJA Safety Awareness certificate with proof of identification i.e. passport. Out of date WJA registration card/WJA Safety Awareness Certificate will exclude the trainee from attending the additional WJA modules and the trainee will have to re-take their WJA Safety Awareness Course prior to any additional modules.

The client must provide a suitable and safe jetting machine, high pressure hoses and accessories for the practical side of the additional modules (mandatory) or Safety Awareness Course (optional and agreed with instructor).

Trainees will be provided by the trainer with course hand outs, WJA Code of Practice, note paper and pen/pencil. Any food/beverages for the trainees are to be provided by the client.

Training Course Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Requirements.

Trainees on any practical jetting exercise up to 1700bar (24,660psi) pressure must bring with them to the course appropriate Personal Protective Equipment as required by their employers risk assessment. As a minimum this should be a waterproof one or two piece suit, Safety helmet, ear defenders, face/eye protection visor, steel toe-capped safety boots and waterproof gloves as trainees on practical jetting exercises will get wet! For above 1700bar (24,660psi) jetting exercises trainees must be provided with additional PPE to that of the above. Further details of this can be obtained on a PPE requirements sheet with relevant EN code numbers.

Please note that trainees attending an additional WJA module without the relevant PPE will be excluded from the course and will not be able to pass unless they are only doing the WJA Safety Awareness Course where a practical exercise is not mandatory.